4 days in the Dam. Not much cricket. Record beer consumption. Invisible cricket. Single file dancing bus. Speak into the fork. Top banana. Nice jacket mate. 2 on 1, you do the math. I ain't no fucking tourist, where's the Disco Shit? The cleaner stole my clothes. Where's your bible? 9am street vom. Smiling japs in macs. Team Hein-we-can. International knock arm. Dildo street gridiron. Where's Ricky's euro? Plastic gloves. Everywhere we go. I don't like cricket. She's lost it. Gay pride. Feathered midgets. 3rd floor mangina. Gay magnet. You're not bro's, he's out of your league. Dancing on the truck. Hideous gays. Mushroom soup. Grand old duke of york. Don't pee in the sink. You have to leave. Have you got a sister? Scatman John. Anyone for mouthwash? 2 0n 1, 1 on 1, 1 on 2, 2 on 2 - everyone learns math. Chocolate orange. Little bit of cricket. Tumbling sweep. Near death experience. Barbecued rat. Ultimate 21. Plastic gloves. Everywhere we go. Tequila slammers. Jonny nose off. Headbutt this fork. Mate you've gone green, now you're in a hospital. Ultimate graffiti. One double-0. Bus of death. Fucking YTS spiv. Belgian service station.........Harmison to Kasper.......gloves it to Jonesy......amazing scenes. I Drover '05.