Drovers CC Tomato Tour Report 2010

7 tourists, 3 airports, 1 frenchman.

Team Toma, Team Tina, stereo luggage,Lightest bag on tour: 0 grams , burmuda short trio, I heart tomato, I tomato Tomato, I tomato Paris. Departing bloody Mary's, departing lager Marys. Tour tomato stash, seven droving wife beaters. Mile high free beers, Vodka stopover. Valencia, gin & tonic goldfish bowls, dirt paella, Bunol avec ketchup, cold sangria=jungle juice, aussie invasion, climb the palm tree, scared for life, greasy pole, Ibiza dance party, arena, £300 pervert shades, hockey club boat race, Boat races contested: 1, Boat races won: 1,Nailz boat race cherry popped, mission impossible club entry, free pour gin/ejected, x2, Spanish threats. Homeward "Didn't you?

Cricket success rate: 100% Phones lost: 1 Trees climbed: 1 Tomatoes Thrown: A few Shapes chucked: Lots Best drink: Free pour anything

Man of Tour: Frenchman Rest of Tour: Stays on tour.